9.00-9.30am Stage 1 & 2

9.30-10.00am Stage 1 & 2

10.00-10.30am Stage 3

10.30-11.00am Stroke imrovement


5 day crash course, half an hours lesson at the same time and with

the same teacher.

Helps to build and improve water confidence.

See the difference in strokes by the end of the week.


Stroke improvement for those that need a bit of extra help in each stroke.

Monday – Butterfly

Tuesday – Backstroke

Wednesday – Breaststroke

Thursday – Frontcrawl

Friday – Dives and turns


AGES 3 1/2 up

Stages 1 – 3  = £50 for the week

Stroke improvement – £10 a day

Email for a booking form


Townsend School Pool

ST Albans




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