The Spring term runs –

Thursday 13th January until Thursday 31st March     Half Term Thursday 17th February

Friday 14th January until Friday 1st April                 Half Term Friday 18th February

The term is 11 weeks

If you don’t already have swimming lessons with us and would like to book your free trial lesson please contact Jak on 07980 479718 or email or via the contact form to arrange.

Our swimming lessons are at Townsend School, High Oaks, St Albans.

For more information about our children’s swimming lessons please view our FAQs page

Swimming Certificates and Badges

Swimming Certificates and Badges are available on completion of a stage –
Stages 1 – 7 = £5.00                                                                                                                                                  Bronze – Gold = £5.00
Personal Survival = £5.00

Hats can be purchased for £3.00 each

Please get in touch with Jak if you wish to purchase

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